Supporting senior phase students with dyslexia

The link below is to a great article giving ten simple strategies that mainstream teachers can use to support senior phase learners with dyslexia in their classroom.

A-Level Lessons

Teaching Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder

With continuing gratitude to Matt Grant, who put together these lists of teaching strategies.


  1. Seat student in an area of classroom free from busy displays and distractions. Try to keep the area around the whiteboard / IWB ‘clutter free’.
  2. Teach/use very clear classroom routines, e.g. lining up at the start, equipment check, students holding an object when it is their turn to talk.
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Teaching Strategies for Social & Emotional Needs

AKA, difficult behaviour in the classroom! From our list of teaching strategies, courtesy of Matt Grant.


  1. Sit the student nearer to the teacher / support staff in the classroom.
  2. Sit the student nearer to chatty but positive, generally settled peers.
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