Farewell, Miss Henderson

After eight years at Charleston Academy, Miss Henderson is moving on. She has helped countless pupils and run the Speeder Readers program in her own unique, inimitable way. As tribute and thanks for all her amazing work here, Caithan spent the best part of two week making her this cake:

We wish Miss Henderson a joyful adventure, wherever she goes.

A Letter for Moses

Moses Akatugba at the age of 16 was sitting his final exams. He hoped to become a doctor.  One day, on his way home from school, he was arrested  for the alleged theft of mobile phones, thrown into prison, tortured and sentenced to death by the Nigerian government.

He has been in prison now for 10 years.

Our pupils  wrote some very moving and powerful letters in support of Moses. In response we received this letter from Amnesty International UK:

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Banana Cells

One of our pupils decided to see if an iPod camera, a slither of banana, and a microscope can create something interesting. He said it took him several tries, but eventually he got a result, and here it is:

© Banana Cells