7 Steps for Exam Success

Exam technique is the skill of being good at exams. It’s not about being good at English, or Maths, or History; it’s more about knowing the best way to approach revision, and memorizing, and multiple-choice, and reading exam papers, and staying calm under stress, and so on.

And it can make a BIG difference to how well you do in your exams. So here are seven steps for exam success:

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The “Pomodoro Technique” – or How to Chunk Your Study Time

Some of us are procrastinators, and we need help! When faced with a long, challenging task, like a few hours of revision, we find ourselves checking our phone or tidying our desk or doing anything at all except what we’re meant to be doing. Then, when we’ve left it too late to get anything meaningful done, we feel guilty. And a bit useless.

Enter The Pomodoro Technique – a lifesaver for chronic procrastinators. It’s based on the scientifically established fact that we are more productive and successful if we take regular, scheduled breaks, rather than trying to work in marathon sessions. The basic rules are:

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“Don’t Break the Chain”, or How to Stick to your New Year Resolutions

The problem with resolutions (New Year’s or otherwise) is keeping them. We commit to worthy new activities, like study or exercise. And then we do a few marathon sessions. And then, suddenly or gradually, we stop.

The solution is to understand how human beings create habits, and the most important ingredient – by far – is repetition. To make a worthy new activity stick you simply need to keep doing it, no matter what.

So this strategy – Don’t Break the Chain – is based on the idea that it’s better to do a little every day, and then keep it going over the weeks and months and years, than the usual January boom → bust affair. After a while the activity becomes as much a part of your daily routine as cleaning your teeth, and the small daily doses slowly accumulate into large amounts that positively impact on your life.

Here’s what you do:

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