Which Coding Language to Learn? – Helpful Infographic

We’re learning to code with some of our pupils, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

But coding is a HUGE subject, so it can be hard to know where to begin. This infographic from code.org navigates the maze, and helps young people channel their effort into learning what’s most useful.

Handwriting Practice

This is a great resource that creates worksheets which can be used by pupils to practice and improve their hand-writing skills. The worksheets can be adapted to suit the writing ability of the pupils. Additionally, as any text can be used to produce the worksheet, they can be tailored to the interests of the pupil.

To access the resource, click on the link to the website above then, under the English Language menu, select Handwriting Practice.


Infographics vs Posters

Looking at an alternative to making posters? Try Infographics. They’re like posters, but they represent complex information with simple graphics. You’ll have seen examples all around you!

See this post from the excellent Highland Literacy blog for more information.

Teaching Strategies for Dyslexia

With deep gratitude to Matt Grant at TES Connect who has summarized some key instructional strategies for improving the learning and experience of pupils with dyslexic type tendencies:

General Strategies

  1. Keep instructions to one or two parts only. Chunk sequences of instructions – i.e. deliver one at a time verbally, print them one at a time on separate cards, model in numbered steps, etc.
  2. Allow 1-2 minutes ‘take up time’ when giving instructions – this will allow the student to process fully what is required of them.
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7 Steps for Exam Success

Exam technique is the skill of being good at exams. It’s not about being good at English, or Maths, or History; it’s more about knowing the best way to approach revision, and memorizing, and multiple-choice, and reading exam papers, and staying calm under stress, and so on.

And it can make a BIG difference to how well you do in your exams. So here are seven steps for exam success:

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