Iris Grace and Thula

Iris Grace is a little girl on the autism spectrum. She has a talent for painting, and a cat called Thula. Between them, painting and Thula have made a dramatic difference to Iris Grace’s life.


With imagination, love and consistent support, this shows what’s possible for autistic people:

Bill and his son, Chris, are challenging the stereotypes of autism and bringing hope to other families coping with the disorder.(Via

Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Donald Grey Triplett: The first boy diagnosed as autistic

Here’s an inspiring and moving story from the BBC that shows how life turned out for the very first person diagnosed with autism. It underpins the importance of a supportive community.

Social skills and Neurodevelopment in Autism

Here’s a really useful video for those of you interested in autism. It’s a summary of recent research in neuroscience about how brain development in autistic people affects social ability. It’s a recording of a webinar that includes several leading researchers in the field. The sound is a bit poor in places, but it doesn’t distract from how illuminating the discoveries are.

5 Tips for Helping Autistic People Develop Communication Skills

Here are some great ideas from Jody Houston, Behaviour Programme Coordinator, The National Autistic Society’s Radlett Lodge School. These will help you understand better the difficulties autistic people face with communication, and how you can help.