A Letter for Moses

Moses Akatugba at the age of 16 was sitting his final exams. He hoped to become a doctor.  One day, on his way home from school, he was arrested  for the alleged theft of mobile phones, thrown into prison, tortured and sentenced to death by the Nigerian government.

He has been in prison now for 10 years.

Our pupils  wrote some very moving and powerful letters in support of Moses. In response we received this letter from Amnesty International UK:

Please could you express our thanks to each of your pupils for the solidarity messages you sent us in support of Moses Akatugba.

Their letters will join thousands of others providing Moses with hope and strength despite the great burdens upon him. On 30th October Amnesty international UK received the following message from Moses, sent through Justine Ijeomah who spoke at our Student Conference:

“I am so grateful for everything that people are doing in the UK to support me. The letters I have received give me hope. When I hear about the level of support and everything that is being done for me by Amnesty International, it makes me the happiest man on earth.”

Thank you again for taking action for Moses AKatugba.

Alice Kelly (Human Rights Education Unit Assistant)


Author: Steve Seymour

Support for learning teacher.

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  1. Super! And well done to Caithan for taking part and showing considerable empathy. Thanks to Mr Burnside as well.

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